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Great Saffron

Fast shipments. Satisfied With The purchase. Highly recommended! Thanks!

Much to learn and know about saffron

I spent a lot of money buying what I thought was pure saffron. I then watched the test on YouTube and discovered that most of it is died or adulterated somehow. adulterated saffron although it is saffron has been messed with. We dropped onto a glass of water it will immediately start to bleed red. Pure saffron will not bleed immediately and it will bleed orange eventually and I’m much lighter color. Are use it for depression because quite frankly I don’t really like the flavor in my foods. I also have some supplements but I like to use the tea. The last thing is you cannot use hot water to make your depression tea.You must let this Efron lay on top of cold water for several hours and maybe even overnight and let it slowly release its magic. Thank you for letting me know something that probably 90% of the people out there that you are buying saffron don’t know

Saffron 5g Tin

Very good saffron at a great price

I was suspicious of the excellent color and fragrance, but have used it for several Persian rice dishes and the taste is as good as it looks. I'll re-order. It's a bargain for top-quality saffron.

top notch

i've been using saffron for many years. i find dream saffron to be a great quality product. very fresh and exactly as described on the website. great price, high quality.

Saffron 10g Bottle


So far so good. Thank you

Saffron 10g Tin

Good and fast delivery


Saffron the best

The best and freshest threads

By far the best discovery of 2021!!!!!

Saffron 20g Bottle
Saffron 20mg bottle

I use this in my food and it intensifies the flavor, primarily in my homemade soups. It helps keep my appetite under control and my relaxation. Highly recommend.

Fast delivery and very satisfied with the product

Quality of Aroma not satisfactory

Saffron you sent was grown in Afghanistan not Good Quality Aroma is not as good as Spanish Safron compare to the price is the same

Saffron 20g Bottle

Saffron 20g Bottle

Best Saffron I have ever tried

I love the smell and the taste. I also tested the Saffron to see if this is pure and guess what the test is 100% pure. I loved it👍🏻

good stuff


I used it and got a good night's sleep

Purchase looks good

Nice flavor 😋

Fast delivery and great quality is why I always come back. Thank you Dream Saffron

Great product

Love how fast and affordable and great tasting your product is!! My pajella comes out great everytime !!

Saffron 10g Tin

Saffron 20g Tin

Saffron 20g Tin

Saffron 20g Bottle

My wife fall in love with this quality product, unbroken long beautiful pistil, good flavor, she use everyday to prevent allergies without any medication we are strongly recommended for this product.

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