Halwa is a smooth fudgy dessert from Indian subcontinent prepared especially during festive season.
You will be able to find numerous variety of Halwa recipes. This one is made with Semolina flavored
with generous saffron.

Ingredients: Serves 4
1 Cup fine semolina
2 ½ Cups Milk/Water
¼ tsp Saffron strands
6 tbsp Ghee/Clarified butter
¾ Cup Sugar
¼ tsp cardamom powder
¼ Cup nuts (pistachio, cashew, almond)
1. In a pan roast semolina for 7-8 mins on medium heat. Stir continuously until aromatic. Keep it
2. In a saucepan bring water to boil, add sugar and saffron and keep aside.
3. Heat ghee in a pan add the roasted semolina and stir continuously for 5 mins on low heat.
4. Add the nuts and roast for another 1 to 2 mins.
5. Add sugar syrup to semolina while continuously stirring so that no lumps are formed.
6. Add in cardamom powder.
7. Keep stirring until all water is absorbed and ghee is released to the surface.
8. Enjoy warm garnished with nuts. (Optionally use ramekins to mold them into pretty shape)

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