The saffron has its traditional significance as a coloring agent, as well as a spice that had been used in the culinary process. Some people prefer to give it a name, the Golden Spice. It is due to its yellowish hue. 

Regardless of the high price among the common spices, the saffron did not lose its significance through the ages and still holds the same popularity. However, it is interesting to know why saffron is so popular and is considered a super spice. In general, the consumption of saffron is associated with a variety of health benefits that make it the mainstay of the spice's family, for now, and in the future.

The saffron works on a variety of health conditions that occur in the human body. And it is conceptualized that it helps in curing them and, of course, without any side effects. In common culture, the saffron recipes and beverages are quite an in demand. 

Why has the saffron such a high significance?

The reason for saffron, having such an impact as a spice, is its composition with a variety of chemical compounds that drive its color, taste, and, most importantly, health benefits.

Saffron contains all the essential nutrients such as Protein, Vitamin (especially Vitamin C), and the carbohydrates in less and more quantity. A small amount of saffron also provides a sufficient amount of mineral to the body.

Besides, the research suggests that saffron is enriched with a group of active compounds and essential oils. And, they might contain the antioxidants as per the recent findings which are still in the research stage. 

What is saffron used for?

The spices and herbs have their own medical benefits. Thus, they have common use in food and beverages. In the case of saffron, it is used for many health conditions that are explained here.

1. A cure to depression

The medical studies suggest that saffron helps in increasing the levels of certain hormones that support mental health. A small dose helps in curing the depression if it is taken regularly.

2. The solution to the complications of premenstrual syndrome or PMS

Most of the women often encounter certain complications while they are going to have periods. However, they may feel mood swings, bloating, pain or acne, etc. 

In these conditions, if a woman is exposed to the smell of saffron threads (extract) for a few minutes, she gets relief from these problems. To an extent, this could help in regularizing irregular periods.

3. Regular use can provide a strong immune system and sexual function

The saffron has been believed to be a natural cure to erectile dysfunction. The people with low and weak erection can get the benefit from the regular usages. The saffron increases the count of white blood cells and boosts the immune system to fight with blood-related problems.


The saffron spice has far more health benefits. However, it is sure that saffron signifies its status quotient as the golden spice fairly well.

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