Indeed, saffron is one of the exotic spices available in the market, but one cannot deny that most of the time, saffron is fabricated. It's just that the price of saffron is too high, and its demand has also increased. So, most sellers sell something else labeled as saffron to make money. But this doesn't seem right. And the worst thing is that some people think that adulterated thread is the real spice when, in reality, they are consuming something that they even don't know.

This is the main reason why people are often confused and ask where to buy saffron from? Are you also wondering the same thing? Are you also looking for a great store from where you can purchase the finest quality of saffron? If yes, your search will get ended with this amazing post. To make things easier for you, we have found a few things you should always remember while purchasing saffron.

The secret to finding the best saffron

Whether you purchase saffron from an online store or a local market, if you want to know whether you have found the best deal or not, make saffron tea. Yes, you have read that right. See, what happens is that when you make tea, you give more time to saffron to step into the water. The amount of water or any other liquid does not really matter. All you need is a hot liquid as saffron reacts well in it at room temperature.

Things to check when buying saffron

  • Color: No matter where you are buying saffron from, if you don't want to get duped, always check the color. If saffron is pure, it would be red. But as you know, fabricated saffron is also available in the market. This means that you cannot entirely trust the color of saffron. Again, try to stay away from yellow and orange color strands.
  • Check the website: If you are making an online purchase, make sure you select a trusted and reliable online source. These days there are so many online stores in the market selling saffron but not each one of them is worth your money.

We hope that your search for where to buy saffron from might get ended by following these steps. And once you have found a good store or dealer, try to purchase from there only.

Remember that if the saffron is pure and authentic, no seller will sell it cheap. But if still, you find a deal that is too good to be true, run away because the saffron is FAKE. Also, you should check the packing of saffron. It's just that good quality saffron is always packed tightly in a glass jar. After purchasing the right kind of saffron, you can make anything with it, from saffron tea to saffron sweets.


You should always check the authenticity of saffron; otherwise, you will end up regretting your decision. Also, don't hesitate to pay more if you want better.

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