Where To Buy Saffron?

High-quality Saffron always has a unique aroma and red color with the yellow segment. Moreover, you know that Saffron is a rare spice because it is difficult to extract. Extracting a small amount of Saffron from the flower; requires much hard work.

 You will be completely surprised by knowing that to get only 35 ounces of pure saffron spice; there are required 150000 crocus flowers.

 Persian Saffron

According to research reports and statistics, Iran (Persia) is considered the largest producer of Saffron. Iran produces a vast amount of Saffron because the country has unique climatic areas which favor crocus flower production as the raw source of Saffron. Apart from Iran, Spain, and India produce Saffron. Iran alone manufactures and supplies 75 percent of the world's demand for Saffron.

 Saffron is mainly used for cooking, medicinal and herbal purposes.

 As in the earlier part of this article, it has been mentioned that the saffron production process is very laborious and challenging. Extracting Saffron from the crocus flowers requires tremendous dedication and intensive hard work. The scientific name of the flower is called 'Crocus Sativus.'

Considering all of the saffron production in the world, Iranian Saffron is unique, and it has huge demand among consumers worldwide.

 Where is the best Saffron from Buy Iranian Saffron Online?

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