What Is Saffron?

What Is Saffron?

Saffron is one of the most valuable spices worldwide. Nothing makes a recipe quite as saffron does. Many people question what to do with it, and its high cost, but as one of the oldest spices used to date, it is not going away so soon. Taken from the flower called crocus sativus or saffron crocus, saffron dates to Ancient Greece, and has been a prominent spice in ancient trade going back thousands of years.

Where Grow Saffron most?

Now it is mostly found in Iran, Greece, North Africa, and India. American’s are starting to see the value in growing saffron, but perhaps due to climate and years of experience in growing the flower, the most valued saffron comes from Iran.

Saffron has a floral taste, that is sweet and lavish. It is best used in Iranian Kofta, Paella, and saffron rice. But it can be used to make incredible desserts, such as ice cream or rose water sweets. Try it in tea, it has a long reputation for being an antioxidant.

Many question its cost, but its rarity comes from the fact that each flower produces only three stigmas, (threads) that are handpicked at a special time in the morning. It must be done at this hour, because of the way the flower is in bloom in order not to damage the actual floret. It takes a lot of flowers just to produce a small amount of saffron. That’s what makes our Saffron such a good deal!

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