Tips for Buying Saffron in the USA

Tips for Buying Saffron in the USA
The task becomes daunting when we have to purchase one of the most special ingredients Pure Saffron. This red spice is reportedly the world's most costly spice, and evidence of its use goes back over 50,000 years. Red saffron was used in ancient days around northwestern Iran. It is one of the few things in this universe that is truly worth its weight in gold. The origin of the crocus vine, the saffron adds a unique and spicy taste to the dish, as well as a lovely colour. It has been grown in Persia for thousands of years. Pure saffron is used not only in cooking delicacies, but it has been in use for treating several diseases and disorders.

The consistency of pure saffron can vary. It is important to consider its colour when you are making the purchase. Look for a decent red colour for saffron, the redder the better. Do not invest in saffron threads without a subtle orange hue at the end of each line. If you do so, there is a risk that you may end up buying cheap saffron, which is artificially colored.

Pure saffron is available both in powdered form and in threads. Threads are short and red. It is better if you decide to buy pure saffron threads as the chances of adulteration are less as compared to powdered saffron. Ground saffron is readily adulterated by fillers and imitations. It tends to lose its taste, you can taste it by putting a pinch of it on your tongue. The taste will fade away within seconds. Always choose saffron threads over powder. Buy saffron from a renowned seller.

You must know how to select the right quality ingredients and to know how to use them most effectively. Another tip for buying saffron in the US is to look for sellers who have been in the business for a long time
Best saffron can retain its full flavour for up to 6 months if it is packed in an airtight jar. Also, it needs to be stored in a cold, dark spot. Unlike other herbs and spices, it is prone to light, so seal the package in an aluminium foil to protect it and place it where the sun rays do not reach. Pure saffron doesn’t stop imparting the unique taste and aroma when it ages, but it may lose its medicinal properties.

Therefore, try to buy saffron threads from reputable suppliers in small amounts. Never buy saffron in powdered form as you may get tricked into buying fake saffron. Dream Saffron is a reliable and trusted name in the saffron industry for years. We have been importing pure red saffron from Afghanistan for years and our customers have always returned to us as our product excels.

Packed and sold in different quantities, you can choose a jar that fulfils your requirement. You can place the order online and we will deliver the package safely at your doorstep.

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