You’d be surprised to know how long Saffron or the ‘Golden spice’ has been used in cuisine? For your Information, Saffron has been familiar to people since the 12th century. It emanates bright yellow color used to season food and adds a mesmerizing yellowish texture when added to dishes. Some people also know it as the Queen's herb categorized as organic food. Its relishing bright color is to start the introduction. Now science backs up a theory based on its extracts, and mainly Saffron Tea unveiling tons of uses and health benefits as more properties come to our notice.

What Is Saffron Tea?

Saffron Tea is brewed just like other drinks, but only a few can enjoy this tastiest spice in the world. If you are wondering where it comes from and what its source is, here is to elucidate you. Saffron has obtained from a flower’s (Crocus sativus) stigma that is kept dried and turned into a spice. This flower grows in certain rare weather conditions, and that’s why it’s also called the Golden Spice. The entire process of cultivating this flower is manual.  

Quick Amazing Facts About Saffron

  • Saffron holds magical properties that are helpful to cure over a dozen health problems.
  • It’s a type of spice that you can add to a dessert or any dish you want.    
  • Saffron is obtained by 100% natural process where the entire process from cultivation to packaging this spice is done manually.
  • Saffron flowers grow in highly fertile soil only.
  • Each delicate stigmata of the saffron flower are hand-plucked.  

Why Is Saffron Tea The Best Morning Brew?

  • It’s a mood booster
  • Alleviates Anxiety
  • Suitable for Ladies during Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
  • Resists Insulin
  • Neurodegenerative disorders
  • Alleviates Asthma symptoms
  • Cramps
  • Treats Stress

How Many Ways Can You Have to Saffron Tea In?

You can take the Saffron in natural form, add some ingredients to water and percolate it. The best way is to use it in that way to preserve its freshness and reap its properties to the maximum. The dried form of this herbal tea is highly recommended for literally everyone. If you have a knack of tasting herbal tea, try Saffron Teaand enhance your taste. A little amount of this spice (0.5 to 1 gram) can turn your food loaded with nutrients and fill your mood with freshness.

Summing Up…

Only the real people can tell the difference between the real and unreal Saffron. If the flakes are smelling sweet but taste bitter, or the strands left in water emanate bright yellow, yes have the real Saffron. This golden spice is available at exclusive stores. Saffron is definitely one of the hardest herbs to grow and harvest.

A naïve will take years of practice to learn how to pluck each stigma from a perfectly ripe flower. With so many efforts involved in the process, it reaches your kitchen and eventually, your dining table. Sip your Best Saffron Tea while someone is getting more saffron flowers. It’s time to taste the royal golden spice after all.

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