Saffron is a popular spice for various reasons. A number of industries rely on the extensive set of benefits provided by expensive Saffron. Being a scarcely available spice with huge demand, saffron producers engage in the best harvesting practices to retain the top spot of regional dominance. Middle East countries and South-East Asian economies earn soaring revenues from the sale of high-quality Saffron to developed economies of the world.

Most people are acquainted with the use of saffron spice in food and beverage. However, the spice is equally good when it comes to providing skin care services. Some of the benefits have been mentioned below.

1.  Acts as a barrier against ultraviolet rays

UV rays of the sun are considered to be one of the biggest enemies of good skin. It leads to the production of free radicals, encouraging oxidative stress in men and women. UV rays can speed up the ageing process and lead to faster cell degradation. Saffron is rich in antioxidants like crocin, which have been found to reduce oxidative stress. Consumers wondering where to buy Saffron must inform themselves of the various varieties of spice.

2.  Helps with faster healing of a wound

Acne is one of the raging issues being faced by women globally. Acne scars can be an even bigger nightmare, contributing to stress and depression amongst people. Saffron spice has a distinct aroma and anti-inflammatory properties. A distinct aroma ensures reduction in stress level, and anti-inflammatory properties ensure quick healing of wounds. It also promotes cell multiplication, therefore causing wounds to heal faster.

3.  Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is the slight discoloration of a particular area owing to excess melanin production by the skin or sun exposure. Crocin, a compound found in Saffron, is known to cause a reduction in hyperpigmentation. It functions by restraining tyrosinase in the system. Tyrosinase is responsible for melanin production in the body. However, before you start looking for where to buy best Saffron, it is essential to get the skin tested. A skin test can help in better determination about the requirement of Saffron in daily skincare.

Saffron skincare uses

Saffron can be added to various formulations, according to one's requirement. Make sure to test the spice over a small surface to check for any allergies.

1.   Face mask

Three strands of Saffron should be crushed using mortar and pestle. Add one tablespoon of honey to make a fluid paste. Apply the mixture on the face and wait until it is dry. Wash face to remove any leftover mask and pat it dry.

2.   Saffron gel

Saffron gel can be applied on wounds to ensure a no scar zone. Use 4-5 strands of crushed saffron spice and add Aloe Vera gel into it. The paste must be applied to the affected area for a speedy recovery.

3.   Saffron toner

Saffron strands, when added to ordinary rose water, can cause a major glow on the face.


Once you have selected from where to buy Saffron, make sure to ask questions about its origin and quality.

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