Know Everything About Saffron Before Making a Purchase

Know Everything About Saffron Before Making a Purchase

The rarity and uniqueness of pure saffron make it one of the best spices in the world. It is also the price of saffron that makes it very special. Do you know why? It's just that saffron is costly, and it's all because of the way it is extracted. However, today we are not going to talk about that. So, what are we exactly going to talk about? Well! We will discuss everything from the benefits of saffron, how it tastes, and how to check its purity.

Saffron is one such exotic spice that not just has great medicinal properties but is also used in the preparation of delicious dishes. And surprisingly, this amazing spice takes every dish to a new level.

Benefits of saffron

Whether you are consuming saffron by adding it in a savory or sweet dish, if you are using the right kind of amount, it will be very beneficial. Like saffron is proven to help with depression, insomnia, and certain types of digestive problems. The saffron for sale that you will find can also help improve mood, reduce premenstrual syndrome, help in weight loss, heal burn wounds, and more. 

Taste and smell

Saffron not just looks excellent, but it also smells very pleasing. If you ever open a tightly packed box of saffron, its aromatic fragrance will make you fall in love with it. Ensure that you always keep the saffron packed tightly in a box; otherwise, it might lose its flavors and smell.

When it comes to the taste of saffron, you should be very careful. Why are we saying so? Well, it’s because no matter how refreshing the saffron smells, it should never taste sweet. And if the saffron leaves a sweet taste on your tongue, do not purchase it.


Saffron is usually available in three different forms i.e., saffron tips, saffron threads, and saffron powder. No matter what kind of saffron you are purchasing but always remember that pure saffron is red. So, if the seller is giving you orange or yellow colored saffron, do not buy it.

Water test

The best way to identify whether the saffron you have just purchased is pure or not is by doing a water test. For this, you will need a bowl full of cold water. Add a few threads of saffron into the water and then wait for it to release its color. Remember that, if it is pure, it will take time to release its color.

You can also add a pinch of baking soda into the water. Baking soda would make pure saffron water a little yellow in color and fake saffron water red in color. So, the next time you are purchasing saffron for sale, do not forget these things.


If you don't want to get duped, you should stay alert while making the purchase. And also, if you wish to take advantage of all those benefits, consume saffron regularly.

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