How to use saffron in cooking?

How to use saffron in cooking?

Saffron may not be the most popular ingredient that is used extensively in kitchens around the world. But it is undeniably the most expensive spice in the world.  Red Saffron is used in a wide variety of dishes in almost every part of the world. Different type of recipes may call for different methods to use this spice. Therefore, it can be said that there is not only 1 way to cook with saffron. Let us take a deeper look at how and why you should use this spice while cooking or in your food items. 

Is it expensive to cook with saffron? 

Pure saffron is expensive. Due to the high cost of production, many people do not think of using saffron threads to prepare delicacies. But remember that with only a few strands, it can spice up your food while adding its unique aroma. 

What is saffron used for?

Red saffron has extensive uses. Listed below are a few popular uses of saffron that will help you know “what is saffron used for”:

  1. Used as an anti-depressant 
  2. Added in food items to add flavour and colour.
  3. Aids in weight loss. 
  4. Keeps a check on diabetes
  5. Prevents inflammation. 
  6. Helps in digestion. 
  7. Controls mood swings in pregnant women. 
  8. Results in clear and glowing skin. 
  9. Has anti-cancerous properties. 
  10. Controls blood pressure.
  11. Improves the taste of the food. 

What food items can be cooked with saffron?

  • You can add a few strands to your regular tea and enjoy your “saffron teathat will uplift your mood instantly and will also help in digestion. 
  • You can add saffron spice to rice as it imparts a nice colour, taste, and aroma to it. 
  • Cook your mushrooms with pure saffron by adding spring onions and lemon to it. You may add basil and cilantro for additional taste. 
  • Grind a few saffron threads and use the powder to cook chicken or turkey. Add a little honey ice cream to the dish – and you will fall in love with it. 
  • Add saffron spice to your soup. Throw in a few strands of chicken in a pot and boil it. Once done, add corn and let it simmer. Then add black pepper and saffron strands to it and cover the lid. 

Where to buy saffron in the US?

While searching for the right place to buy, you may come across a lot of dealers who may sell off duplicate saffron to you. You will end up spending a hefty price for the saffron but all in vain. If you want your hands on the best saffron, Dream Saffron will be more than happy to help you. We are in the business for many years and we deal in Persian Saffron – purest form. If you want to check and examine the quality of our saffron threads, you can order the smallest jar available with us. We hand-pick the saffron so as not to ruin its quality and properties.

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