Is there such a thing as fake Saffron?

Is there such a thing as fake Saffron?

Fake Saffron?

Due to its value, there has been a rise in fake saffron. Saffron better known as “red gold” is worth ten times more than the average spice. In fact, in certain circumstances, the cost of saffron has matched the cost of gold. At times, people buy this spice in small bulk for over 1000$! Did you know that it takes close to 200,000 of flowers to obtain a small amount of dried saffron?

It is expensive because it is still all picked by hand when the flowers bloom once between 1 and two weeks. Each plant only produces five flowers. Daily, the flowers are gathered, stigmas removed and dried. Because of this complicated process and its rise in value, many people have been seeing a rise in the forgery of the sweet herb.

Luckily, just a pinch is enough for cooking, but it hasn’t stopped fraud artists from taking advantage of people buying the well sought out for herb. It used to be used as a dye for clothing, but many have found alternatives to the dye. It is still used for medical uses probably because it is very high in vitamin b12 and folic acid. It has been used as a vitamin for pregnancy for centuries. But lately, it is mostly used for food. Delicious food. Please check out our 100% authentic saffron today.

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