How To Choose Good Quality Saffron?

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How To Choose Good Quality Saffron?

Saffron has its roots from the lands of Iran. Organic Saffron comes in a light-shade velvet flower that is known as Crocus, which is lavender in color. At maximum, one flower has three to four stigma which we refer to as Saffron. The color of these stigmas is crimson or red. One has to be very much careful as all Crocus are not saffron producing but some are poisonous also. It takes 4000-4500 flowers just to make 25-30grams of Quality Saffron. Today this spice is cultivated in Greece, Morocco, India, but the best ones are grown in Persia.

Recognition of Pure Saffron from the Strands

Recognize the saffron strand by its true red color. The easy way to recognize true and original saffron is with this process. The upper portion is like a trumpet. Saffron has three parts. You will note that the trumpet is smaller as you step into the upper section.

Recognition of Original Saffron from the Stigmas

It is not at all an easy task to recognize Red Saffron from its stigmas. The stigmas are generally very shiny. And if you notice a lack of luster or if you find that the stigmas are not red, then be sure that the saffron is not good at all.

Identifying Saffron from Rootlets

Rootlets of saffron are flat and angled. This curvature demonstrates the consistency and originality of Premium Quality Saffron.

Identification of False Saffron with Newsprint

You can also identify fake saffron with the help of a newsprint. Put some saffron between a press and newsprint. When you see oil and fat on the pressure face, saffron is fake. But when the saffron is brushed, it indicates that the saffron is pure and good.

Boil to Know the Originality

Once you place the saffron in boiling water, wait up to 5 minutes and if the branches do not have a white color then the saffron is fake. And if the color is white within five minutes, then you can rely on the goodness of the Best Quality Saffron that you have found.

The smell of Original Saffron

Those who trade saffron know that it has its unique taste and smell. That means saffron is known for both color and taste. The smell of pure saffron will always be fresh and aromatic. It shouldn’t smell pungent.

The sapphire (Carthamustinctorius) is also marketed as saffron by many traders. It looks like saffron but is a thistle-like plant whose flowers are orange colored. There are a lot of other traders who circulate fake saffron in the market to double their income and profit. Dream Saffron has been a constant and trusted player in the trading of saffron for many years. Being a trusted household name, it has grown to become the perfect destination for buyers who want to buy Saffron Online in the US. The packaging is convenient and will also help the saffron to retain its medicinal properties.

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    I have been using saffron for couple decades in my kitchen. I believe persian and kashmiri saffron are the best in flavor and aroma. Please share your product details and the best price you can offer for 2 ounces. I will be a regular customer your product is genuine and pure. Please reach out to me at

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