Fresh Saffron: The sunshine spice that everyone needs

Fresh Saffron: The sunshine spice that everyone needs

Do you know what Saffron is used for? It is to increase the color, aroma, and flavor of the delicacies you prepare. People have several questions when it comes to Saffron. Saffron is expensive, and they doubt whether it is good to purchase a small amount of spice by spending more money. Considered as the very costly spice on the planet, the cost is very much close to the gold as the spice is purchased in terms of weight. But the good news is that you don't have to use the spice in high quantity as it is all about quality. A pinch of Saffron is more than enough to give the color and flavor you require. You can buy Saffron from a reliable retailer.

From ice creams to pastries, several dishes are made with Saffron. The vibrant color and the sweet aroma gives a unique flavor to the dishes you cook. It transforms the whole dish. When it comes to stews, Saffron is more into adding flavor and aroma.

Before we know What Saffron is used for, let's go through a bit about the plant. Crocus Sativus is the plant from which Saffron is derived, and it is mostly bloomed in autumn. The dark orange stigmas are the best to add to your diet. These stigmas will require heavy labor as it has to be picked by hand. Moreover, the plant will grow only in certain conditions, so it is difficult for people in many countries to obtain the spice. However, online shopping has made it easier to buy Saffron easily.

How to use Saffron in food?

You can use the spice in whatever way you like to add to the dish. If you prefer powdered Saffron, then purchase saffron threads and grind them at your home. This is the process that famous chefs in renowned restaurants follow. You can also use a small pestle or mortar to grind.

When the weather is humid, it is quite tough to grind the spice, and you can include a little bit of coarse sugar, which makes grinding effortless. If the threads have moisture content, you can dry them in the microwave for a few seconds before grinding. Store it in a dry place and cover the jar tightly after you buy Saffron.

If you want to make saffron liquid, then you can do that by brewing it. You can prepare more saffron liquid and refrigerate it so that you can use it for a minimum of seven days. If the Saffron is ground, you can use it for a month. You should know that Saffron liquid will turn yellow when you add it to the food.


Saffron can be added to the foods for color and taste.  Get the best and high-quality Saffron online. Being one of the incredible ingredients in your kitchen, Saffron will surely increase the food's taste and texture by several notches.

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