Facts that you can't avoid to get the Best Red Saffron Deal!

Facts that you can't avoid to get the Best Red Saffron Deal!

We keep reminding us that saffron is a valuable spice that is quickly degraded, and it isn't easy to find pure saffron deserving of the name. Don't you find it a bit saddening? It is true that it is challenging to obtain good saffron... but not for knowledgeable people who know the elements to search while shopping. So, whether you buy saffron for sale at a physical store or online. You need to be aware of a few facts to grab the best deal.

The Rich History of Saffron

Red Saffron is the crocus sativus pistil or stigma, the dearly beloved spice in the world; the spice is worth more than gold. Safran comes from the Persian za'faran, meaning "yellow."

In the Bible, in the Songbook of Hymns 4–13, the most aged residue of saffron is in a book, and they will honor its smell and taste. The first saffron culture is in Crete 2000 years before our generation.

Saffron and its flora signify purity for the Assyrian, who only young virgins can cultivate. Then it is the Phoenician merchants who sell saffron worldwide.

The use of saffron has ranged from time to time: like perfume, cure, flavoring, and coloring. An Egyptian papyrus from 1550 BC shows the well being features of saffron. Physicians like Hippocrates, Homer, and Virgil also understood the relaxing, antispasmatic, and digestive saffron qualities.

Why Is Saffron The Most Expensive Spice In The World?

Why is red saffron too costly? First of all, it's a spice like a vanilla bean that takes a lot of effort. Each flower must be collected by hand and on precisely the same day. The pistils are then cut manually. The entire method from harvest to preparation requires a great deal of human effort, so you will find that it's very costly wherever you see saffron for sale.

Saffron Production Today

Today, you should know that Iran has a production monopoly with more than 85% of world production like Madagascar for bourbon vanilla bean.

Saffron producing countries:

  • Iran
  • Morocco 
  • Spain
  • India 
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Azerbaijan
  • France (a minimal quantity and you have a saffron producer next to our Comptoir in the Lille metropolis).

Identifying the True and False Saffron

It would help if you didn't buy the Saffron powder instantly. Because it's rarely pure, saffron often loses a lot of flavor and taste. You should know that some dishonest vendor mixes saffron powder into paprika. So always buy pistil saffron. You must know how to identify the real and fake saffron pistil to buy good saffron. The real pistil's color is blood red and not white or pink. They're both poor in taste.

Excellent advice for buying saffron

 Look At the Packaging

 Good quality saffron for sale will be in an airtight package to protect the pistils from the air. If there is moisture in the packaging, do not buy it: this is a sign of insufficient drying, and the development of mold is inevitable.

The Visual Aspect of Saffron

We are talking about saffron in pistils and not in powder since it is even easier to degrade. Besides, powdered saffron is rarely, if NEVER, pure. At best, it will be mixed with another spice. At worst, it will have looted brick. So what does a real stigma look like? Its shape is typical: in the form of a trunk 2 to 3 centimeters long. Then there is the color: a beautiful dark red, neither scarlet, which is a sign of insufficient drying,

The Last One: Moisten the Saffron

The secret of saffron is to moisten the thumb and forefinger and take a filament between these two fingers. The verdict falls: if a beautiful orange, yellow mark appears on your moistened fingers, it is indeed saffron. If, on the other hand, the effect is pink or even red, it is an artificial coloring, and the saffron that you are holding in your hands is not (or not entirely).

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