Easy Ways To test the Purity of Saffron: Real Vs. Fake Saffron

Easy Ways To test the Purity of Saffron: Real Vs. Fake Saffron

If you have a question like "What is Saffron used for or How to use Saffron, there are many answers from your friends, family, and everyone you see. When you ask about Saffron's purity, you will undoubtedly get answers but are they reliable is one big question again. It is difficult to find whether the Saffron you buy is real or fake. Saffron is one spice in which imitations can be added easily. Many people buy Saffron with the doubts of adulteration, but you can get rid of the insecurities while buying Saffron. Here are a few tips for testing the purity of Saffron

Pure Saffron is the Crocus flower's stigma, and it is red. The flower is purple and produces a maximum of three stigmas, which made the harvest tiring, and this is the reason for the high price. Make use of the below-given tests to verify the authenticity of the Saffron.

Fragrance: The spice's sweet aroma is one reason What is Saffron used for, and it is famous for the sweet smell. However, the taste is not sweet. 

Taste: People consider that Saffron, which is sweet, is fake as the spice's taste is bitter. You need to be cautious while taking the tests. Find the difference between the sweet fragrance and sweet taste. This can make a big difference to ensure that you pick the right one.

Visual aspect: Experts recommend buying Saffron thread instead of powder. Powdered Saffron might have imitations, so it is hard to determine the purity. It is better to choose the saffron thread, and they don't bulge at one end, which is considered fake Saffron. Genuine Saffron will turn your skin orange when you rub it. 

Color test: The fiery bright red is a unique aspect that Pure Saffron guarantees so that you can take a color test. First off, take a couple of threads and put them in the water. Wait for at least ten minutes and notice the saffron spice turning the water yellow. It might take an hour for a complete color change, and the threads won't lose out their color. If an instant color change occurs, then it is time to question Saffron spice's purity. When the thread also loses color, it might be fake. If you are still not sure, just take the soaked up saffron threads and rub in between your fingers. If the threads fall apart, they are not genuine.

Reaction with baking soda: It is one of the standard tests that confirm the purity of Saffron, and all you have to do is, mix Saffron and baking soda in a container, after which you have to pour water. Real saffron threads will turn the water yellow. 


Make use of the above tips to buy pure Saffron. In addition, saffron spices sold at a cheap rate can be of low quality. So ensure you buy the right one. 

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