Saffron’s Dopamine Properties Make it a Great Herb to Treat Depression.

Saffron’s Dopamine Properties Make it a Great Herb to Treat Depression.

Saffrona luxurious herb from flowers, has a long history of medicine and is a valuable spice in trade. It is known to grow in mountain ranges; this well-sought herb also holds antidepressant capabilities. Scientists have found over 150 components in the herb, including safranal, crocin, and picrocrocin, which give it its floral scent and pharmaceutical properties, making it an effective and safe way to treat minor depression and anxiety.

Not to mention its high dopamine properties. What is dopamine? In the brain, dopamine signals the brain to be happy, and Saffron has chemicals that help release dopamine, which is why it is an excellent herb to treat mental health issues. What is the best way to use it for medicinal uses? The obvious way would be to add it to your food. However, you may also use it in tea by following this recipe:

How to make Saffron tea?

🌀 Bring water to a boil.

🌀 Place the tea leaves and Saffron in a large teapot.

🌀 Pour the boiling water over and leave it for a few minutes.

🌀 Then strain the liquid and pour it into teacups.

🌀 Add sugar as desired.

Serve with a mint sprig and lemon slice. To make it healthier, add a teaspoon of honey.

Other variants include adding some anise seeds for a sweeter flavor or considering the boldness of turmeric for full antioxidant effectiveness. Perfect for the cold season or when the sun doesn’t want to show itself. Be happy! Check out our Saffron today.

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