5 Signs of Pure Persian Saffron

5 Signs of Pure Persian Saffron

 Saffron has an exotic and eloquent reputation across the globe and hence, in most of the places, it is considered as a sign of good health and prosperity. From ancient history to the modern days – the human race has witnessed the medicinal properties as well as aesthetic ones of this luxurious spice. Generally, Pure Saffron is mostly grown in Greece, Iran, and Spain, however, with the advancement in technology, it is grown by farmers and agriculturalists in most parts of the world. It is a stimulating herb that helps in promoting and uplifting our mood, physical health and also contributes towards the development of the reproductive and cognitive functions of our bodies. So, when it has so many benefits, you must ensure that you’re putting your money to buy Original Saffron. But how to distinguish the original one from the fake ones that are easily available on the shelves of any departmental stores?

 Here are 5 signs that will help you identify the Best Quality Saffron:


Premium Quality Saffron doesn’t taste sweet. When you go to buy it, ask the store to give you a sample thread of it. Put it in your mouth and if it tastes utterly sweet, then reconsider your decision to buy that particular saffron.


Organic Saffron is dark red in color. If you find the threads to be of a lighter shade, then it must be fake or the saffron has lost its properties. Real saffron is brick red in color and you will get to know if a color has been added to it artificially.


High Quality Saffron is difficult to find but you will get to know when you find one due to the aroma. Most of the exotic dishes and drinks have saffron in it as it boosts the overall taste and fragrant of the food. You will get a fresh and natural aroma and that’s how you will identify it.


Saffron is expensive and premium. Do not Buy Saffron in the US if it’s cheaper. If a store is offering you this ingredient at a lower price, then there are high chances of it being fake. So, better do not buy it as you will not be satisfied with the quality of that saffron.

Thread Quality

Real and original saffron will not break if you rub the threads in between your fingers smoothly. Pick 2-3 saffron strands and start rubbing them, if they break apart, then the saffron is fake. They sometimes break off completely turning into dust.


The market is full of tradesmen and sellers who are out there to make money by selling fake saffron. You need to extremely careful before you pick your saffron as it doesn’t come cheap. Such unadulterated saffron can be harmful to your health as it may contain sawdust and other unhealthy and dangerous materials. Therefore, it is always wise to buy saffron from reputed sellers who offer handpicked and lab-tested saffron for you to buy.

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