5 Benefits of Consuming Saffron Tea

5 Benefits of Consuming Saffron Tea

Pure Saffron is a prehistoric spice. Saffron threads are dark reddish but when infused in tea, they impart an orange or brown color to the tea. Simply referring to its red color and exorbitant prices, saffron is often referred to as the "Golden Spice." It is being used as a seasoning in delicacies and as a coloring agent for more than 4 hundred years. Saffron tea is a blend of saffron spice and hot water. Various herbs, along with honey, coconut milk are also commonly added to balance your taste buds. You will gain real benefits only if you are using the best saffron.

But what are the benefits of consuming saffron tea? Here are 5 amazing benefits that you can gain from its regular consumption:

1. Relives PMS

Red Saffron is considered as a significant therapeutic treatment for both PMS and the more serious premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). Researchers observed that consuming 15 mg of saffron twice daily is an effective way to steer away from the effects of PMS. Add around 13 saffron threads, and add it to brew your cup of tea.

2. Treats depression

Saffron is not only a spice. It is a magic herb for treating depression as it has mood-boosting properties. It is being clinically tested as an anti-depressant. Prepare some saffron tea by adding a few strands to your normal tea every day. Leave the mixture aside for a good 20 minutes and then stir it continuously for some time. Enjoy your day as it will instantly improve your mood.

3. Prevents cancer

The deep, red color of the saffron tea comes from the crocin compound — a chemical component found with phytonutrients and antioxidants. Pure Saffron has strong anti-carcinogenic activity in lung, breast, pancreatic and leukemic cells, as well as in stomach, skin, and cervical cancers. This gives you another amazing reason to brew your cup of tea with saffron every day.

4. Healthy eye

In a study of 100 patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), red saffron modestly improved eye function after 3 months. Saffron extract consumption has been able to enhance vision and blood flow to the eyes. This reaction is likely to be caused by crocin, which dilates blood vessels to the brain.

5. Cures ADHD

Best Saffron extract increases function and reduce dementia in 16-weeks.It has helped patients with Alzheimer's disease. Saffron can boost memory by inhibiting an enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine: acetylcholinesterase. This enzyme is donepezil, one of the licensed drugs for curing Alzheimer's disease.

With so many good benefits of having saffron tea regularly, you cannot miss taking care of your health. Order a fresh jar of Persian Saffron today and start a healthy regime. Our saffron is completely lab-tested and hand-harvested. We have it available in various sizes – you can choose a pack according to your need and necessities.

If you are pregnant, they also have wonderful health impacts. However, we would strongly advise you to consult your doctor before you start taking saffron.

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